Going Green


Going Green

Everyday more and more companies are looking for green alternatives to run their business. ABR has been leading the way! Having an overall green operation saves us money in many ways, which, incidentally, saves our customers money as well. When you work with ABR, you’re saving green in your wallet, and helping to keep the planet green.

We, like all companies, have a responsibility to work toward the future well being of the planet; it’s an obligation we take seriously. We openly embrace the new generation of ethics & awareness toward the environment – it is a school of thought we are happy to be a part of. When you work with us, you’re working toward a better future.

How ABR is Greener

Here at ABR, we care about the condition of the environment. There are many steps we have taken to increase the ‘Green Efficiency’ of our company’s operation. Here are just a few:

We are solar powered with panels on our building’s roof top we let the sun do the work of powering ABR technology.

All of the lights in our office are motion sensitive so when you walk in a room it lights up and when you leave they turn off.

In our warehouse we have switched from Sodium vapor lights to LED which lasts longer and is easier on the environment.

Our trucks are equipped with GPS tracking systems, so we ensure that the closest technician comes to your business, lowering the amount of time & gasoline spent on the road, reducing fuel consumption by 18%

100% of ABR’s delivery vehicles utilize ultra-low sulfur diesel engines

We carry product lines that:

  • Have won numerous national and international environmental awards and have earned the coveted Energy Star Label. Not only that, but our products have earned environmental labels from Ecolab, Blue Angel and Eco-Mark.
  • Are designed to be energy-efficient, and reduce green house gas emissions, making each businesses environmental footprint that much smaller.
  • Offer easy-to-use, cost free recycling programs for toner cartridges and other recyclable items where possible.
  • Have a continued commitment to conservational innovation and education around the world.
  • We’re trying to become more and more green every day. If you have any ideas for how to improve the ‘Green Efficiency’ of our company, we’d love to hear from you. Call or come in today to learn more about how each of our products brings us a little closer to reducing our footprint.

ABR helps you be green

When you work with ABR, you’re working toward a better future. We’ve worked hard to equip ourselves with the necessary tools & practices to help reduce our carbon footprint. We are also committed to helping our customers improve their green efficiency. Here are some helpful tips you can use to join us in the effort.

Ways ABR can help your company be greener:

Did you know that Paper Usage accounts for 90% of a Multifunction Device’s carbon footprint? You can reduce this number substantially by integrating some easy-to-use methods.

  • Automatic duplexing can reduce paper use by up to 50%. Use less paper to say more.
  • In-bound fax routing can reduce received fax paper usage by 100%.
  • Lan Faxing can reduce outbound fax paper usage by 100%.
  • Software packages can route documents to your “greenest” ABR printer.

Did you know that Document Delivery is 7% of a business’s carbon footprint?

  • Scanning can eliminate up to 100% of overnight packages.

Many offices consume an unnecessary amount of energy every day. Here’s some easy ways ABR can help your office conserve:

  • Using one Multifunction Device can reduce power consumption up to 75%.
  • All of our manufactured equipment is Energy Star® compliant.

The key to the future is awareness and action. Together, we can implement the right equipment, and take all of the right steps to ensure a healthy and enjoyable future for the generations to come. When you work with ABR, you’re automatically going green.

Take a look at the links below to learn more about our manufacturers’ Green Compliance: